Xi'an No.5 Hospital, also called as Shaanxi Provincial TCM-integrated Hospital, is located at main Xiguan Street outside the Ximen Gate of Xi'an. It, founded in 1949 and later transformed into Xi'an No.5 Hospital from the Northwest Public Security and Military Hospital in 1954, is a tertiary A hospital integrating medical teaching, research, prevention, health and fitness. It is a major national construction unit of TCM-integrated hospitals, national major clinic speciality unit for rheumatism, major specialty unit for angiocarpy, northwest diagnosis and treatment center of rheumatology, Shaanxi provincial TCM diagnosis and treatment center of rheumatic diseases, Xi'an rheumatology institute, Chinese and western medicine hospital TCM-integrated hospital affiliated to Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine. It is an advanced unit in Chinese civilized cities, Shaanxi spiritual civilization and Shaanxi Ethos Construction.

At present, it is equipped with 700 beds and more than 40 clinical medical and technical departments. It is staffed with more than 830 employees, including more than 330 with junior and senior titles, more than 120 doctors and postgraduate students...

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